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$10,000: The Time Traveler’s Coin

Bitcoin has come a long way in a relatively short period of time, especially when you consider that it was being traded at a price of one US dollar less than seven years ago. A lot of the casual conversations I have with crypto veterans and newbies tend to revolve around this fact: we all wish we had gotten in sooner.

It’s gotten the wheels in my head turning on a number of separate occasions, and it’s a joke that I’ve tried to cartoon a couple of times in the past. If you were one of the many time travelers from movies and TV, wouldn’t you try to jump backwards in time to buy Bitcoin at $1.00? I know I would. $10,000 worth of Bitcoin bought in February 2011, would be worth $100 Million today.

This cartoon, The Time Traveler’s Coin, is my final version of that joke, and it’s both a commemoration of the grandest economic experiment that mankind has ever embarked on, and an homage to my favorite genre of science fiction in popular culture.

If you can name all 20 time travel movies I referenced in this cartoon, then you are at least as big a nerd as I am. (Answers are in the comments.)

You can buy The Time Traveler’s Coin as a T-shirt or wall poster, beginning at $15, at my Threadless store.

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