As you can see from the handwritten date on the bottom right, I drew this cartoon months ago. The $4,000 price milestone had crept up on me rather unexpectedly the week before, and I wanted to be able to spend some time on the $5,000 piece.

My plan was always to transition into the modern Star Wars movies post-$5,000, so this should be my final Darth Vader cartoon. (It’ll very likely be Kylo when we hit $10,000.)

I’m quite happy with the result, although it turns out that I needn’t have rushed so much. We did briefly touch $5,000 in late August but the inevitable retrace (coupled with some not-so-good news out of China) left the price even further off from the target.


If you liked this image or any of my other cartoons, a small tip would help me dedicate more time to this hobby.





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