For anyone who’s been keeping score, I’ve been drawing Darth Vader cartoons to celebrate big Bitcoin price milestones for the better part of this year.

Bitcoin handily surpassed the $5,000 price milestone in early October, and when I first started making these price cartoons, I knew that I’d eventually have to move on to the other Sith characters. I was trying to draw my Star Wars cartoons chronologically from Episode III onwards, but I never expected to run out of Darth Vader scenes before the end of 2017. I guess it’s hard to complain about the accelerating rate of ATHs though.

So here we are at Kylo Ren at $6,000, symbolically force-freezing the red candlesticks in mid-air. Hope you all like this toon!


If you liked this image or any of my other cartoons, a small tip would help me dedicate more time to this hobby.





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