Happy Holidays with a Box of Puppies


It’s been a jawdropping year for Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto industry, and it’d be good to take a moment and be thankful for how far we’ve come.

Cryptopop is still only less than a year old but it feels like I’ve cartooned my way through several years worth of industry evolution. My first few Bitcoin price cartoons in March were all celebrating the $1,000 price point, and we’re now about $18,000 past that milestone. We’ve seen the rise of ICOs,  Bitcoin’s long-awaited debut on Wall Street, and the continuing craziness of the various Bitcoin forks.

Thanks to everyone who supported and shared the work. I appreciate every bit of feedback I get, and am eternally grateful for all the kind donations.

I’ll be taking a short break over the last week of the year but will be kicking things off with a huge batch of new cartoons in the first week of January. See you all on the other side, and happy holidays!


If you liked this image or any of my other cartoons, a small tip would help me dedicate more time to this hobby.





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