BX8.io (Ganesha’s Coin)


I rarely talk about my startup here in my art gallery, but the stuff that we’re working on recently is just too exciting not to talk about.

Bloom has been building crypto tools for the remittance industry for nearly 3 years now and this year we’re going to expand our reach to include the massive foreign exchange industry. We want to provide modern and compliant tooling for the 100,000 neighborhood moneychangers across Asia to buy and sell crypto over the counter. We want to teach the Asian mainstream public how to use and invest in crypto safely.

It’s a big, audacious idea, and I’ve been creating a lot of illustrations for our whitepaper and promotional materials in anticipation of our launch. Ganesha’s Coin is the first piece I’m publishing, and there’s a bunch more where that came from.

Check us out and support our project at BX8.io!

See the rest of my CryptoForChange series here.

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