Challenging the Throne


It’s been awhile since I last worked on a piece that was just for myself. I have over a dozen portraits in various stages of completion for friends and patrons, but this Black Panther cartoon came to me the other night as I was joking around with my Bloom cofounders. It all began with the line “Forrest Bittaker,” and this piece was the end result. (Massive inside joke there, sorry everyone.)

Over the years we’ve had many, many alts challenge Bitcoin for its supremacy, and each month there’s hype around a new crypto that’s faster, more environmentally-friendly, or more robust, but thus far none have proven to be worthy of the throne. I’d like to believe that it’s not impossible to design a better Bitcoin, but let’s just say the odds are against the challengers.


As always, your donations help me to keep creating this stuff regularly, so if you liked this portrait, please consider supporting my work by sending some coins to any of the addresses below.


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