Nightmare Before Christmas


An homage to one of my favorite Christmas movies as Bitcoin’s price scratches its cyclical bottom this December.


If you’ve been following some of my commentary on art software, this is my first piece using the new 11″ iPad Pro, which was just released earlier this November. I’ve moved most of my workflow to a Wacom Mobilestudio Pro this year, but the new iPads are just great for quick-and-dirty cafe-type illustrations like this one.

I was relearning Procreate as I worked on this piece, so it’s not the most polished image I’ve ever rendered, but thankfully it did come together eventually. I was always more of a Sketchbook Pro kinda guy on iOS, but so far I’m liking the much more robust Procreate, and I’m really liking how awesomely fast the new iPad is.


As always, your donations help me to keep creating this stuff regularly, so if you liked this portrait, please consider supporting my work by sending some coins to any of the addresses below.





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