The Window

The Window is the third cinemagraph in my COVID19 series. We’re now on our third week in lockdown as I write this, and I’m less and less optimistic that the quarantine period will be lifted on April 14th as originally planned. In some cities here in the Philippines, you need a permit to walk around outside, and only one is issued for each household. As a result, most everyone is at home, standing by their windows, looking out on an eerily quiet city.

This may seem very non sequitur, but I actually got the idea for this piece from looking at old travel photos of C√≥rdoba, Spain. Anyone who’s been there will recognize the yellow walls and painted window frames. They didn’t have many robots though, as far as I could tell.

You can view the animating cinemagraph at my Makersplace gallery, where this piece is on sale as a 1-of-1 unique digital collector’s edition.

UPDATE: As expected, the Philippines has officially announced a two-week extension to its lockdown period, which is now ending on April 30th.

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