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I got a distinct sense of deja vu this morning when I woke up and found the Bitcoin price hovering at $4950, just a smidge below $5000 and rising fast. People who knew about Cryptopop way back in 2017 will remember that I spent an inordinate amount of time creating these Star Wars-themed Bitcoin price cartoons, with each cartoon commemorating a new thousand-dollar milestone. 2017 was a crazy time and as we approached $10,000 the milestones were coming so close together that I barely had time to illustrate something before it was already obsolete.

So the adrenaline rush this morning was not altogether unfamiliar, in that (a) it looked like we were very close to breaking $5000 and (b) I had not even started on a cartoon yet.

I knew that I wanted to do something Game of Thrones-related though, to counterbalance my Star Wars series from 2017. So I sat down at my desk and threw this cartoon together in under 3 hours, which is probably the fastest I’ve ever worked. I think it turned out ok, all things considered, and it did pretty well on Reddit.

WIP images, for the art afficionados:

Line art. About 45 minutes of work.
Color flats. About 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, not two hours after I published it, the price broke downwards to $4900 again, so I guess that means I have some time before I need to illustrate $6000 … or do I?

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