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I got to spend a little bit more time on this $8,000 price cartoon than the $7,000 one, but honestly, the accelerating price is making it really difficult to keep up.

In this piece, we see Kylo sneaking up on Rey in much the same way as each of these new thousand-dollar milestones are being hit seemingly out of nowhere. The number of days between each milestone has been drastically reduced (see chart below*), and as we approach the 5-digit range, it becomes a little too granular to still be celebrating each new $1,000.

After we hit $10,000, my plan is to only do cartoons for each $5,000 all-time-high, so there won’t be another one until $15,000. (Of course, to make up for this, I’m going to work my butt off for the $10,000 piece.)

Lastly, the upcoming $9,000 cartoon (for meme reasons) will not feature a Star Wars character. I think most anime fans will already know who’ll be in it.

* Decreasing number of days
between each Bitcoin Price Milestone

$0 to $1K: 1789 days
$1K to $2K: 1271 days
$2K to $3K: 23 days
$3K to $4K: 62 days
$4K to $5K: 61 days
$5K to $6K: 17 days
$6K to $7K: 12 days
$7K to $8K: 18 days

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