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Charlie Lee: The Nice Guy

This cartoon was commissioned by Coindesk for their year-end Most Influential People in Crypto 2017 feature. Check out their writeup on Litecoin creator Charlie Lee here.

When I started working on this gig for Coindesk in late November, my biggest concern was that caricaturing has never been my strong suit. Some illustrators just have a natural gift for faces, and although I have a good eye for details, rendering a real person’s face in a recognizable, parodical way has never been something I’ve been completely comfortable with.

But 2017 has apparently been all about doing things outside of my natural comfort zone, so hell, why not do ten of them.

My original pitch to Coindesk for this cartoon:

It’s a sunny day at the park, and Charlie is well-dressed, sitting on one end of a wooden park bench. He’s looking right us with a small smile on his face. He’s got a suitcase on his lap. It’s a mild Forrest Gump reference, but we don’t overdo it by giving him dirty sneakers. Charlie’s just a nice guy enjoying a nice day.  

Charlie’s portrait was the first one I worked on in the series, mostly because I’d actually met him twice in some random San Francisco meetups, and I wanted to give the piece enough time to breath over the next couple weeks. I ended up reworking it 3 or 4 times before I had something reasonable. I also eventually decided to reduce the details and go with a box of Litecoins on his lap instead of a full suitcase.

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