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Jacob Smith: Beijing Bitcoins

Jacob works at, lives in China, and is a staunch BCH supporter*. We’re both fans of Bruce Lee, and this cartoon is an amalgam of a couple of his classic movie posters from the 1970’s.

* I’m personally not much of a BCH guy, but I think that everyone in crypto should have access to nice art.

P.S. For anyone interested in the mechanical side of my work: illustrating this piece for Jacob frustrated me enough that I considered ditching my Surface Pro and going back to the iPad Pro. Due to some random OS weirdness, I had to reinstall Windows 10 not once but twice over a 48-hour period. That’s annoying on any normal day, but to have to go through that while working on a bunch of commissions is just terrible.

I like a lot of things about the Surface — it’s a heck of a lot more flexible than anything Apple has ever produced — but there’s still a jaw-dropping amount of inconsistency in the Windows experience that makes me think twice about my decision to shift over my  production workflow.

I’ve decided that I’m gonna wait for what the 3rd generation iPad Pro looks like in the fall before revisiting this. If it looks good, then I might actually shift back to Apple one more time.

If you’re a member of the crypto community, and would like to commission your own Cryptopop portrait, @mention me on Twitter at @helloluis.

If you liked this or any of my other cartoons, a small tip would help me dedicate more time to this hobby.


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