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Litecoin: Ignite the Fire

I’m really proud of my latest shirt, produced in collaboration with the fine folks at CryptoWhaleClothing. It’s a tribute to the vibrant community that has sprung up around Litecoin over the years, and makes references to their efforts to promote LTC, including the #IgnitetheFireLTC campaign and their recent sponsorship of the UFC.

You can buy the design as a shirt (pictured below) and as a limited edition canvas print right now. (Scroll down for some production notes about the design!)

When I first started planning this shirt, I realized that the key thing was to use the Litecoin symbol as a frame for the art. This would allow folks in conferences or meetups to identify what you were wearing even from a distance, but at the same time, it would be rich in details when they see it up close.

We reviewed a lot of old-school Russian-style propaganda posters when we were first discussing design possibilities and although I didn’t overtly reference any of those pieces, I think the general notion of using a collage composition with lots of

I started the way I usually do, with a vector outline. I knew that I wanted to have the IgniteTheFire slogan around the base of the image, and then use the wick to trace a path along the entire image. In combination, the two elements give our eyes a natural path to view the individual parts of the image.

There’s actually an unreleased version of this design where, instead of the white dragon in the middle, I had a group of airships. I got pretty close to releasing that version until we realized that “igniting a fire” and “airships” are a bad combination.

The dragon that figures so prominently here was actually a late addition to the design, but I think it works pretty well, and I have a feeling you’ll be seeing it again soon in subsequent shirts 😉 © 2024. All Rights Reserved