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Monero Core No. 2

I got to work on a new rendition of the Monero Core dev team last week, which is always a pleasure. Not only was the Monero community the first folks who ever donated to Cryptopop, but they continue to position themselves as the staunchest advocates for privacy and decentralization in this space.

From their recent blog entry:

  • Members of the Core Team are NOT anyone’s boss, and no permission is needed from them to do anything.
  • The Core Team does NOT act as a centralized point of failure, but encourages organic, self-started initiatives that further the ecosystem of Monero.
  • The Core Team does NOT equal Monero. 

Some of you might remember my first fever-dream group portrait of the core team from last year. (I look back on it now, 6 months later, and it’s surprising how basic the work feels.)

In any case, it was just the right time to do a sequel, with tacotime stepping down from the team and binaryFate taking his place. I feel like I’ve grown a ton since the last time, and hopefully if there’s a need for a third entry, I’ll be even better then.

Our craft, our art,
Our talents unite.
We will emerge
With anonymous might!

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