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The Monero Core Dev Team

Here’s a fun piece I made as a commission for Reddit user Rehrar a week ago for the Monero Revuo magazine he’s just started publishing. The idea was to make a cartoon that represented the six people that make up Monero’s core dev team, and what we ended up with was the psychedelic fever dream that you see above.

(Since some of the core devs have chosen to remain anonymous, I realized that this may well be the closest thing we’ll ever get to an actual group photo.)

This is one those cartoons that really bear some explaining, since the only folks who will get it are the ones who are intimately familiar with Monero’s inner workings. It’s actually a literal interpretation of the usernames of the developers. They are: Fluffypony, Luigi1111, Tacotime, NoodleDoodle, Smooth, Othe, and ArticMine.

… Yup, and I was completely sober when I drew it, too.

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