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Jimmy Song: The Guardian (#2)

I had already published my first Jimmy Song portrait when the man himself messaged me to ask if I could do a cowboy-themed commission. On hindsight, a Wild West-inspired portrait of Jimmy was probably the most appropriate given where he was from (and the general state of the crypto industry). For the uninitiated, this cartoon […]

Dominique Frances: The Herald

Dominique has been working with the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong for as long as I can remember. Not only is she an all-around awesome person, but she’s devoted all of her free time to evangelizing Bitcoin to people around the region. We wanted something fantasy-inspired with Dominique’s portrait, and ended up using Galadriel from […]

HODL! The Album

Ordinarily I dislike having to explain my work, but in the case of this Beatles parody, a little bit of explanation is in order. While doing research for this piece, I discovered that the original HELP! album cover photo that everyone is familiar with does not, in fact, spell “HELP.” It actually nonsensically spells “NUJV,” […]

Halloween Special No. 5: Sadako

It’s the Cryptopop Halloween Special, featuring Sadako*! Lines** by Luis Buenaventura, paints by Des Feliciano. I’ll be posting daily horror through til October 31st, check them all out here. * The original Japanese version of The Ring is my personal pick for scariest movie of all time, just saying. ** As it happens, today’s cartoon […]

Jamie Dimon: The Dinosaur

This cartoon was commissioned by Coindesk for their year-end Most Influential People in Crypto 2017 feature. Check out their writeup on Jamie Dimon here. It’s hard not to make fun of Jamie Dimon when you’re in the Bitcoin community. In fact, there was a moment in mid-2017 where it was practically a requirement, and I’m kinda […]

A Weird BTC/BTU Nightmare

Last night, I had an odd dream about Bitcoin Core / Bitcoin Unlimited. Maybe I’ve been worrying about this hard fork too much. ### Crypto Pop is a personal project that brings together my two favorite things: cryptocurrencies and pop art. If you like the stuff that you see here, please share it with your […]

Attack of the Bitcoin Clones

I’ve been trying really hard to render my Star Wars cartoons in the proper sequence (the first one was a reference to a scene in Episode III, and I’ve been slowly working my way up to Episode VI), but this particular gag was just too good to pass up. Over the past week, a “clone” […]


When I was a kid, I adored Spider-man and collected as many of the comics as my high school allowance could afford. Long-time fans will instantly recognize the homage above, as it references the most iconic Spider-man comic book cover ever printed. The new Spider-man Homecoming trailer that broke the other day reminded me how grateful […]

To The Moon!

My new Bitcoin shirt is out and for sale at CryptoWhaleClothing as of today. Like my Litecoin: Ignite the Fire design, it combines elements of the community and fandom. In this case, we’ve got the Hodlnaut, the rollercoaster guy, and a small Cryptopop remix of Supper at the Bitcoin Moonbase. You can buy this as […]


With less than 24 hours to go before August 1st 12:00 GMT, the whole community waits for the potential Bitcoin network split. The most likely outcome is that world’s largest cryptocurrency (Bitcoin currently commands a $45B market cap) will split into two separate blockchains: the original BTC, and the new BCC being promoted by […] © 2024. All Rights Reserved